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KA-BAR Jarosz Choppa Knife

Made in our USA with 1095 cro-van steel, the Ka-Bar Jarosz Choppa Knife is a great tool to add in your survival kit or simply to take while in the outdoors. You can keep it tucked in your boot.

The build and design of the knife recommend it for the camp and woods, but this is one good chopper to take with you. It has a good power and doesn’t feature a clipped point, but this only means there’s a little more weight at the chopping end.

The knife comes with a finger coil so handling the smaller tasks is going to be easy. The grip is good and you may easily close your fingers all the way around it for sturdier feel. It’s a contoured knife that lets you try various grip positions.

We really like the versatility of the knife and its strength too. The design is good and the thin edge geometry makes it a great chopper. The sharp angles in the pommel area are a main flaw and the grip scales dig into your hand as you chop. The handle could be a bit bigger, but none of these minor issues don’t make it as deal breakers.

The knife comes with a Molle-compatible sheath and even though the sheath isn’t the best quality out there, it still does its job.

All in all, the knife is great and may be a dependable addition to your survival kit.

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