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How to Become an Ethical Hunter

Just because you’re good at shooting game, doesn’t necessarily make you an ethical hunter and there are plenty of ethical rules to follow if you care enough about becoming one.

When you’re hunting on someone else’s property, it’s important to thank them for their good will and offering them a gift bag from the game bag is quite a good idea. After all, you may want to come back there and hunt a bit more.

There are some ethical principles that you need to follow if you’re committed to becoming an ethical hunter, as you’re into hunting not only for the game, but also for the nice principles that are involved.

  • Be ready

Hunting well means hunting good and an ethical hunter not only practices his shooting skills, but also improves his physical abilities and skills.  You need to come back from time to time over the rules of firearm safety, to choose carefully your equipment and to take care of your firearm. You don’t want to go out there in the field with a firearm that doesn’t work properly and only wounds your prey, not killing it.

You need to rely on your firearm so that game is never wasted. You respect more your quarry if you’re equipment is working fine every single time and if you never miss out a shoot.

  • Know about game

You can’t be a good hunter unless you know about wildlife and really understanding it. The more you know about your game, the more you’re going to respect it and enjoy hunting even if you come back home empty handed. It takes good skill and amazing persuasion to get to shoot, and also high ethics to only take game that you need. An ethical hunter also takes his well-trained dogs to find downed game, taking hunting to its highest level.

You also need to clean and dress your game accordingly so that no game is ever wasted. The skills, the respect and patience are what makes you a good and ethical hunter, altogether.

  • Take some friends with you

Choosing your hunter mates is important as they should share the same values as you, when it comes to ethical hunting. A good hunter doesn’t put his own needs and interests on first place, but helping others instead. A good hunting companion is ready to take the shoot for you or to help you find your game, even though this could make him lose his own.

  • The Hunter’s Law

When you’re hunting, you know you have to play by the written and non-written hunting rules. If the first one is governmentally enforced and you may go to prison for not following it, the second one is based on morality and you’re the only one to judge-most of the time.

For instance, you shouldn’t take game more than you can or you need. As for an unwritten law as shooting at too long range, using the wrong equipment or ammunition- it takes morals to follow them even when there’s nobody watching.

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