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How Not to Stay Hungry When in the Outdoors

This may sound unbelievable to many, but it seems that we may survive for even three weeks without food. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to put something in your stomach though, but you should also be positive about what you’re eating.

  1. Look for the greens

You may want to look for some dandelion leaves or some chickweed, but you may also combine them with some wood sorrel. This is going to give you a tasty salad and adding some primrose, wild violets or flowers of dandelion is going to keep hunger away for some hours. Keep in mind to never pick a plant unless you’re positively sure of its identity.

  1. Go fishing

If you’re not quite into fishing but still would like not to starve to death, use a cane fishing pole in order to have dinner. Get a strong and flexible 10’ long stick, about 1” on one end and only ¼” on the other end. You continue by tying a string 12” from the fat end of your stick, securing the line in multiple places all the way of the pole, using an arbor knot.

Wrap the line multiple times at the tip of the pole and secure it with a knot. Attach your bobber/float and the fishhook at the end of the fishing line.

  1. Weave some vines

Baskets may of great help when in the outdoors, and you may use some vines, cattail leaves, tree bark or pine straw to weave them. Stay away from poison ivy though and practice every time you have the chance.

  1. Remember Rotisseries?

The traditional campfire technique, cooking on a rotisserie that is, lets you cook even if the flame is low. You need two sticks with branches on the end, forming a “Y”, sturdily sticking them into the ground vertically. Get a green branch with “Y” on one end, but look for one that is long enough to span the other two vertical sticks.

Sharp the end opposite the “Y”, but only after your stripped the bark from the stick. Skewer the meat using the sharp end and turn the meat with the “Y” shaped handle from the other end.

  1. Use the aluminum foil

Take with you aluminum foil (some heavy-duty type) and place your ingredients in the center. Continue by carefully folding the short sides together twice and seal the whole thing with the remaining sides.

Aluminum foil is great for conducting heat and for even heat distribution. It’s also great for holding in moisture and you may use the foil packets for cooking some fish, vegetables, or even some apple dumplings.

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