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ANSTAR Mini GPS Tracker Tracking Device

If ever in need for a small, yet dependable, tracking device, put your trust and faith into the ANSTAR Mini GPS Tracker Tracking Device.

The tracking device comes with a built-in GPS module and it’s great to take when hiking or climbing some mountains. It’s very easy to use and quite reliable, but you need to be patient with it until it gets the satellite signal.

There are many great features on the tracking device and the Family Sharing is just one of them. You may track and ring the same Track device from various phones and track accounts.

The build of the tracking device is good and there’s a durability feel to it. The shape is comfortable and the device feels so nice in your hand. It takes storage temperatures from -86 to 185F degrees, and it works in extreme temperatures as well, ranging from -68 to 167 F degrees. As for the humidity aspect, the tracker presents up to 80% non-condensing ability.

The Anstar Mini tracker comes with a built-in Li battery and it may run for 6 hours without needing charging.

The display is easy to read and clear, whereas the letters and numbers are quite large.

Easy to use, easy to carry around and dependable, you should consider this one to add on your hiking gear.

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